Why Do You Need To Write An Article?

During studying at school and for exams you need write an article. Perhaps, you will need persuade, argue, and inform something, but it has to be interesting and lively.

If you prepare an article for studying, it always has different requirements, such as spelling and grammar and other important points. To pay attention of the audience you may in different aspects and professors will check them. It is possible to do with a style, used words, etc. Create a clear purpose, use correct genre and context. Then not only your professor but your readers will like the product you have made.

How to Write Good Articles

There are many articles about writing on the internet. So with them it is much easier to create interesting article. We have few tips how to make an article on different subjects.

  1. First, to write good article choose nice topic and decide its boundaries. In other words, choose as narrowed topic as it is possible, and outline clearly the scope.
  2. Now your topic needs a detailed research, and take care that you did not miss some important point.
  3. Find all information about your topic. Read different treatises, articles, and books.
  4. If your topic is still too wide, then revise it according to your readings and all requirements.
  5. Create a plan.
  6. Classify all gathered information according to this plan.
  7. Cut out all irrelevant information.
  8. Do not wait the inspiration coming; just start to work according to the plane and it will come.
  9. Use clear, easy to understand, plain language.
  10. The audience has to understand your text, message, aim, etc.
  11. Take care about term, concepts, and words you want to use in the article.
  12. Write clearly the main goal and conclusion you would like to receive in the introduction.
  13. Include main ideas of each paragraph in their first sentences.
  14. Avoid spelling mistakes. You may print an article and then carefully check it.
  15. Use quotes and format them in correct way. You may use footnotes or parenthesis.
  16. After finishing, send the article to few friends which have great knowledge and may check your work.

Finding Help in Writing

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