Case Study Is One of Genres in Academic Writing

It is very difficult to give recommendations about the content of case study writing between other genres of writing. The main idea of writing this type of paper is giving the opportunity to study the real existed problem in details by using many interesting viewpoints.

First, it is necessary to solve the current problem. Then your task is leading the reader through the plot to the solution with describing, evaluation, and other stages of writing. For preparing case study research you may use following items:

  • Research of the library,
  • Interview,
  • Questioners,
  • Observation,
  • Diaries,
  • Famous documents, etc.

Before starting writing you should identify the problem. The way of writing depends on the goals of case study. There are three popular types of cases researches: exploratory, explanatory, and descriptive.

The exploratory case study is a paper that tries to find patterns in the information and realize a model inside to view this information. For this research you need first to gather information and then try to find a sense in it and write a case. Research questions for this type of writing focus on “what” questions.

Descriptive cases obtain data on the current features of the item. This case requires the theory to point the gathered information in specific direction. Here research questions also focus on “what” questions.

Explanatory case tries to analyze or find the reasons about happens things. Research questions here include “how” and “why” types of questions.

What Types of Case Study Report You May Choose?

There are few types of the case study essay that you may choose depending on the type of case study:

  1. Linear analysis is popular for business and scientific cases because has specific structure, organization, etc. according to the IMRAD style.
  2. Comparative paper is a research that shows different points of view of the same statement.
  3. Chronological case presents evidence chronologically, has an analytical and descriptive structure.
  4. Theory-building has a specific structure that represents every section as a new part of theory.
  5. Suspense essay has the initial outcome and conclusion.
  6. Inconsequent case helps to pull everything together if the written case study consists of many little sections.

How to Organize the Structure of Case Study Writing

Writing a case study in general has following sequence. Of course, you may change every of this point if it is necessary.

  • Introduction: introduce the situation, describe the chosen problem, why you decided to solve this one
  • Background: tell about previous researches, show the examples, evaluate them
  • Methodology: describe the methods you have used, explain your choice
  • Results : tell about results of every used method
  • Summary: gather together all results, compare all of them
  • Evaluation: give the evaluation of background reading
  • Conclusion: give the findings
  • Recommendations: propose recommendations to the future researches.

This information makes the writing case study simpler but if you have not understood something or still have any questions, then our professional case study writing service will help you in everything.

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