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When making an application for a higher learning education programme, you are required to provide a research proposal. This is an essay that helps the institution to determine whether it will be able to support you in your field of study.

A good research proposal must:
  • Show that you know how to perform a research.
  • Be professional. Your paper should be typed in proper English and must be structured properly with appropriate headings.
  • Have a bibliography, websites and articles, or books that you referred to in your research proposal.
  • Have an introduction, which identifies the topic
  • Have a literature review and the theories that relate to the topic of your proposal.
  • Indicate the methods that you intend to use in carrying out your research and how long you will take in collecting information. For instance:
  1. State the sources you require to get information
  2. Talk about the area where you will carry out the research. Also mention the pros and cons of the area.
  3. Explain your research proposal topic
  4. Indicate how your findings are going to benefit the discussions in your field. State whether it will be a new contribution and explain how it can fill the gap in the already existing work.

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